ChocoHax -HentaiCore

ChocoHax (A sweet way to fuck cheaters) is a reliable solution against cheaters
The first real Anti-Cheat for FiveM... We are the frontline against cheaters


You can download the latest update everytime you want from our discord in a dedicated area.


A friendly community will always support you, and we are ready to answer to any question.


This community born developing cheats for FiveM but something went wrong
We have more than 1 year of experience developing anti-cheats

Monthly plan (28d.)

49.99New payment methods available

1 IP/License


Quartely plan (100d.)

99.99New payment methods available

1 IP/License


Lifetime HentaiCore

199.99New payment methods available

1 IP/License


For custom plans, contact an administrator on Lynx Collective LTD's Discord

Lynx Collective HentaiCore AC

  • All informations below are only STABLE/TESTED features... for more informations open a ticket.
  • Anti Menu Injection - This will protect you from any lua based mod menu
  • SECLY V5 - This will detect and ban any injected lua based mod menu
  • Anti Godmode - Anti GodMode with checks on player health
  • Anti ChatSpam - Chat protections from spamming and fake messages
  • Anti Playerblips - Playerblips detection
  • Anti Props/Cars/Models/Peds - Props/Cars/Models & Peds will be deleted when detected
  • Anti Spectate - Players that aren't admin cannot spectate
  • Anti Blacklisted Weapons - Players cannot spawn your blacklisted weapons on the server
  • Auto ban/kick - ChocoHax have a advanced ban system.
  • Anti Explosions - (OneSync) Detects Explosions, Logs/Kick/Ban cheaters
  • Anti Nuke - (Onesync) Nuke attempts automatically ban the cheater.
  • Anti Triggers - Cheaters will not be able to trigger stuff (Money,Jail,Revive,etc.)
  • Anti Blacklisted Words - You can blacklist custom words, and warn/kick/ban users that tries to say something bad
  • Admin Menu - Simple but useful Admin Menu
  • Discord Webhook logs - Any violation will be reported to your discord webhook
  • Console logs - Any violation will be reported to your console
  • Ingame logs - Any violation will be reported on your chat
  • These packages includes

  • Support - You will get support from our support team for installing your AC
  • Download - Access to our discord and to the Download bot to download the files
  • Tutorial - 3 diffrent tutorials for you and your dev team to setup the AC
  • Updates - Access to download new updates (updates are automatic, it takes 30 seconds)
  • IP Binding/Reset - You can reset your IP
  • Custom Files Access - Access to more suggestions and files that can help you and your server